Lacking a consistently objective methodology for the study of non-verbal communication, the field of Behavioral Psychology was forced to rely upon researchers’ subjective judgments of facial expressions and bodily gestures until Dr. Hunt discovered the neuromuscular innervation patterns foundational to the non-verbal communication of individuals and cultures. She established the neuromuscular patterns of anxiety and anger, when the only physiological research of emotions was chemical and behavioral (reported at the International Conference of World Health Organizations, United Nations).

Postulating that human bioenergy fields oscillate at significantly higher frequencies than EKG or EEG machines were designed to measure, Dr. Hunt developed a high frequency instrument which records the bioelectrical energy that emanates from the body’s surface. She proved that energy radiating from the body’s atoms give frequencies 1000 times faster than any other known electrical activity of the body.

Using fractal mathematics Dr. Hunt’s energy field data produced the first dramatic chaos patterns ever found in human biological systems. Her research is continuing to uncover the dynamic transactions between humans and their environment that elucidate human behaviors, emotions, health, illness and disease.

Dr. Hunt’s groundbreaking research has led to the first truly scientific understanding of the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease and emotional pathologies.


Revolutionary scientific instrumentation

2010—New paradigms for researching cancer causation, treatment and prevention

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Dr. Hunt has developed the Bioenergy Fields Monitor™, a high frequency low amplitude system with sensitive low noise optic lead cables. Testing and protocol development are scheduled for Spring 2011 with commercial production following in 2011.

Current research on incurable diseases such as cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular and aging neuromuscular states place the causes upon chemical and mechanical imbalances.

The most acceptable cancer treatments of symptoms are surgery, chemo and powerful electrical shocks.

Energy field treatments by light, sound and extremely low frequency vibrations are less destructive to the body but still only treat symptoms.

Dr. Hunt new cancer research is based upon the hypothesis that cancer is not caused by a pathogen or virus that inhabits the body, but by the body’s inadequate adaptation to the following  causes:

  1. Embedded viruses causing oxygen depreciation

  2. Immune system ensuing response of inflammation

  3. The unique anti-coherent pattern of the person’s bio-electromagnetic field

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